Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How Blessed

The idea of opening our own quilt shop germinated for several years until the very real opportunity slapped us in the face a year and a half ago. I reflected on the past 18 months as Betty and I flew to Houston for Market. How amazing that my sister and I are able to realize this dream. How even more amazing that it's all I had hoped for - and more. We look forward to seeing each of our customers and hear the stories of the projects they are working on. Visiting with everyone in the store has proven to be very inspiring for me. As I pull fabrics together for a customer, I start seeing even more possibilities.

There will be many changes coming in the next few months - changes that, hopefully, simplify the way we do things at Village Quilts. Some you may notice, some may be invisible to you, but a time saver for us. There will be a new website… with an online store… an improved calendar and newsletter… and a new point of sale system. Please bear with us as we implement these changes.

To help make the transition a little smoother, we have a couple special days coming up in November. November 16th is our first annual Customer Appreciation Day, we'll have demos on things we learned at Market, a few refreshments and a discount on fabrics for our favorite people, our customers. Then, on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving we'll have discounts on all Christmas, Autumn and Halloween fabrics. I hope you'll join us!